Reviews from our Readers

"After working in a hot-climate culture for a number of years, this book helped me make sense out of some of my puzzling observations (and frustrations!). I had been sharing this information with my son and daughter-in-law who are preparing as missionaries to a hot-climate country now, so I ordered a copy for them. It should ease their transition from a cold-climate to a hot-climate culture."

"I lived in Africa for 20 years and learned many things about the culture of the people I worked with. However, it wasn't until I read Sarah Lanier's book that I learned WHY people did the things they did. I wish I could have read this book before I ever went. If would have saved a lot of grief and headaches.
Thanks Sarah. "

"I think that this is a book that I would advise any one going cross cultural to read before going out there. I am from Africa and i struggled a lot in the USA but later when i read this book, it was of great help. Thanks Sarah"

"Another homeschool mom told me about this book and I think it will be very helpful in teaching World Cultures this year. It is also helpful in relating to the different personalities in my family!"

"Dear Ms. Lanier,
About two months ago, a friend here on Guam loaned me your book, Foreign to Familiar and I enjoyed it enormously. As someone who works cross-culturally both on Guam and with the teachers I assist in the Asia Pacific Region, I am excited to find this comprehensible and respectful explanation of cultural differences. Please accept my compliments on an excellent job of intelligently simplifying and clearly
explaining a complex topic. I have recently recommended the book to a friend who teaches Cross Cultural Communication."